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Stagiaire 2 years ECOLE DES MINES DE NANTES Nantes en : stagiaires

Radiation safety engineer.

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44300 Nantes

Oficios preparados : Radiation Safety engineer in nuclear sector, Nuclear Materials sector .

44300 Nantes

Ciclo universitario: 2 years Segundo año
2 years
Último nivel de estudios: número de años de estudios validados con diploma después de los estudios secundarios. : +4
Último diploma : Mechanical Engineering
Nivel de estudios actual: número de años de estudios después de validación de los estudios secundarios. : +5
Oficios preparados : Radiation Safety engineer in nuclear sector, Nuclear Materials sector .

Duración de las prácticas: 4-6 months
Comienzo de las prácticas: 6 months
2015-02-02 2015-08-05
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Carta de motivación

I am currently pursuing my Masters in
Sustainable Nuclear Energy – Applications and Management (SNEAM) at Ecolè Des
Mines De Nantes, France. As a part of the program curriculum, I am required to
do an internship in an industry/academic for Master Thesis. The research skills
and interests I acquired during the course of my career provided me with the
necessary skills to pursue an internship .
The courses I
learned, gave me a strong foundation in the field of Fundamentals in Particle Physics,
Ionizing Radiation Detection, Radioprotection and Measurement & Data
Analysis under the guidance of several academics and industrial experts from
AREVA, EDF, ANDRA, IRSN and SUBATECH in France. I have acquired a good
practical knowledge in Radiation Detection concepts which gave a valuable
experience while doing laboratory experiments in my Masters program.
In Masters, I learnt about the Neutrinos and
their origin and submitted a case study on “Detection of Supernova Neutrinos” under the guidance of my school
professor. I have studied about the sources and Types of the neutrinos and
Detectors used to detect them. At the same time I have gained good knowledge on
Concept of Anti neutrinos in Nuclear Proliferation.
I have gained
good communication and team working skills so that I could definitely
contribute to success of the project. In addition, I have an ability to adapt
myself in a multicultural situation. Please find the details of my academic
experiences and educational background in the attached resume.
I hope my profile
meets your expectations to be part of your teamwork. Given an opportunity, I
would like to further discuss my skills in person. Please review my resume and
do not hesitate to contact me if you have any comments or questions regarding
my qualifications.

I hav
I have



2013-2015 Ecole Des Mines de Nantes,
Masters in Sustainable
Nuclear Energy and Waste Management

2008-2012JNTU, Hyderabad, India Bachelors of technology in Mechanical engineering.


“Molecular Modeling of clays interaction with aqueous
environments” for the selection of materials in a radioactive waste repository
using Materials Studio 5.0.
Studied and performed a case study on “Later effects of Hiroshima compared
with Fukushima” because of nuclear accidents affected in different way and
“Human errors in risk analysis”.
Done some experiments using python software, molecular modeling & SRIM
Experimented and analyzed on determination of Uranium activity, Liquid
scintillation counting, alpha spectrometry, gamma-ray spectroscopy.

2012-2013 DESIGN AND

Worked as a design
engineer and worked on different modules part, sketch, sheet metal, surfacing,
assembling components in CATIAV5 using
both 2D & 3D Modeling.
Design of Machine elements using sketch design.
Worked on ANSYS
software to test the strength of material.

Worked according to the aim and objectives given and designed new project
French- intermediate
English- good

Telugu- mother tongue.


Herramientas / Software / Métodos dominados : Materials Studio, Monte Carlo simulation, SRIM, serpent, Phreeqc. CATIA V5, ANSYS, AUTO CAD, SOLID WORKS.

Permiso de conducir vehículos pesados o vehículos especiales :

Lenguas :
Inglés : Avanzado

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